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New Life Studio Fitness provides one-on-one personal training and group training in a private studio in Austin, Texas. Whether you are just starting out on your new life of fitness or want to get more out of your work outs, New Life Studio Fitness has a program for you.
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Comitted personal trainer for Austin

I have been working with Leon Miller as my personal trainer for over a month, and after only a couple of sessions, I was able to recognize the weaker areas of my body, and with the training method Leon use I can apply the exercises any where, at home or when I'm traveling, I do not have to look for a gym to do my workout, I can do a full workout in my hotel room. Over all training with Leon Miller is fun, motivating, and offers a variety of exercises, not repeating the same movement over and over of a machine. Leon also gives nutritional advice, to help to optimize the results of meeting your goal.
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