Who is New Life Studio Fitness for?

Where your new life of fitness begins!

  • Anyone who wants to see visible changes and wants to get more from their training outside of the crowded gym and in a personal gym setting.
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight after pregnancy, for health related issues or as a preventative measure against future health problems.
  • Anyone who is recovering from surgeries or wants to strengthen weak areas that were injured, or who has suffered from chronic back pain.

A Wonderful Trainer and Wonderful Person

I worked with Leon for about a year when he was a trainer at Gold's Gym. I learned so much that it is hard to put it all down but the most important thing that I learned was "form". I can still hear him say "feet 12 o'clock", "lift the butt up, etc." . I miss him at the gym where he use to work but I know that he is doing great at his new studio. I recommend him to anyone that is serious about getting into shape because he is serious about his work. He took me to a whole new level of training that I didn't even know existed and I still practice what he taught me every morning. As I am doing my exercises I can hear his voice instructing me on how to do them properly. He is not only a wonderful trainer he is a great person full of personality that gets you going when it's time to exercise. I wish him all the best and when I am ready to work with a trainer again he will be the one that I turn to. Thanks for everything Leon!!!
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